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abandon to stop pursuing (an activity, goal, or the like); give up; relinquish. [1/6 definitions]
aim to strive toward a particular goal (often followed by an infinitive or "at"). [1/8 definitions]
ambition a strong desire to reach a set goal or to be generally successful in life, esp. the desire to become famous, wealthy, or powerful. [2 definitions]
arr.1 abbreviation of "arrival," the act of reaching a certain place or goal.
arrival the act of reaching a certain place or goal. [2 definitions]
arrive to reach a certain place or goal. [1/2 definitions]
aspiration ambition, goal, or aim. [1/2 definitions]
atman (cap.) the universal soul from which all individual souls derive and to which, as the supreme goal of existence, they return. [1/2 definitions]
backcheck in hockey, to check (an opposing player) in the vicinity of one's own goal. (Cf. forecheck.)
bloc an alliance of people, nations, or organizations working together to achieve some legislative or political goal.
cause a principle or goal that one serves by action. [1/5 definitions]
chase1 to follow with the goal of overtaking; run after. [1/9 definitions]
compete to contend against others to win a desired goal or achieve a desired result. [1/2 definitions]
confraternity an association or group of people united by profession or common goal. [1/2 definitions]
consecrate to commit or devote to some goal or service. [1/3 definitions]
cooperative willing to work or operate together; willing to do what is asked of one for the sake of a common goal. [1/4 definitions]
coordinate to order or organize according to a common goal. [1/11 definitions]
crash1 (informal) having the purpose of accomplishing an urgent goal in a short period of time. [1/17 definitions]
croquet a lawn game in which mallets are used to drive wooden balls through wickets toward a goal.
design to intend for a specific goal or purpose. [1/11 definitions]
destination the end or goal of anything. [1/2 definitions]