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cat1 a woman considered to be a spreader of malicious gossip. [1/4 definitions]
chat casual talk, gossip, or exchange of opinion. [1/5 definitions]
chitchat gossip. [1/3 definitions]
dirt rumors or gossip about other people. [1/5 definitions]
earful (informal) a great amount of spoken information or gossip, sometimes of a startling sort. [1/2 definitions]
gabfest (informal) a gathering for the purpose of talking and exchanging gossip.
gadabout a person who roams from place to place, often seeking gossip or amusement.
gossip someone who frequently participates in the telling of gossip. [2/4 definitions]
grapevine an informal network by which information, gossip, and the like are passed from person to person. [1/2 definitions]
juicy interesting for gossip, often because of a somewhat scandalous nature; titillating. [1/2 definitions]
newsy (informal) filled with news or gossip.
pump1 to try persistently or subtly to get (someone) to reveal information, gossip, or the like. [1/12 definitions]
quidnunc a person who is nosy and eager to hear the latest gossip; busybody.
rumormonger a person who spreads rumors or gossip, often maliciously.
scandal malicious talk or gossip. [1/4 definitions]
scandalmonger one who spreads malicious gossip.
scandal sheet a newspaper or other publication that specializes in gossip and sensational stories, esp. concerning celebrities.
scuttlebutt (informal) inside information; gossip. [1/2 definitions]
tabloid a newspaper with pages approximately half the standard size, often containing sensational material or gossip. [1/2 definitions]
tale a rumor; gossip. [1/3 definitions]
talebearer one who spreads harmful rumors or stories; gossip.