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catch to capture or grab, usu. after pursuit. [1/18 definitions]
clutch1 to grab with or as if with the hands; seize. [1/9 definitions]
gobble1 (informal) to take or seize in an eager or greedy manner; grab (often fol. by up). [1/3 definitions]
grabby tending to or inclined to grab things; greedy.
nab to snatch or grab. [1/2 definitions]
nail (informal) to catch or grab hold of; nab. [1/7 definitions]
pluck to grab and remove quickly. [1/8 definitions]
scrabble to grab for something in a disorganized or frantic fashion, with or as if with the hands or claws. [1/4 definitions]
snap to grab or try to grab something suddenly with the teeth. [2/21 definitions]
snatch to take quickly or suddenly; grab. [1/8 definitions]