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clasp to grasp or grip with or as if with a hand or arms. [1/4 definitions]
clench a tight hold; firm grasp. [1/5 definitions]
clinch of two boxers, to grasp each other so as to impede blows. [1/8 definitions]
clutch1 to keep in a firm grasp; hold tightly; grip. [2/9 definitions]
compass to comprehend fully; grasp. [1/9 definitions]
comprehend to understand or grasp the meaning of. [2/3 definitions]
elude to escape from or remain outside of the grasp of. [1/2 definitions]
fasten to grasp, seize, or cling to a thought or idea (usu. fol. by on or upon). [1/8 definitions]
forceps a pair of tongs or pincers used in medical procedures, as to grasp and extract tissue or foreign bodies during surgery.
fugitive not easy to grasp or retain. [1/5 definitions]
grab to take hold of suddenly or forcefully; grasp. [1/6 definitions]
grapple to grasp, seize, or secure with or as if with a grapple. [2/6 definitions]
graspable combined form of grasp.
grip a firm grasp, or the pressure of such a grasp. [3/14 definitions]
hold1 something to grasp, such as a handle or other support. [1/18 definitions]
insight the power of mind to grasp an essential meaning or truth. [1/2 definitions]
lock1 (informal) a secure grip on or grasp of something. [1/10 definitions]
mastery the full grasp of a subject or skill. [1/3 definitions]
miss1 to fail to see, hear, understand, or otherwise grasp. [1/10 definitions]
overreach to grasp in a greedy way as by cheating or other manipulation. [1/6 definitions]
perceive to mentally notice or distinguish, or to grasp and comprehend what something is. [1/2 definitions]