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avaricious marked by avarice; greedy, esp. for wealth; grasping.
avid characterized by great eagerness; greedy. [1/2 definitions]
covetous desiring that which belongs to another; wanting possessions; greedy.
esurient hungry, esp. for money or power; greedy; voracious; avaricious.
gobble1 to eat in a hasty, greedy, and sometimes noisy manner. [2/3 definitions]
grabby tending to or inclined to grab things; greedy.
grasping overly eager to obtain material goods, sometimes to the point of ruthlessness; greedy. [1/2 definitions]
Harpy (l.c.) a person who is very greedy or grasping. [1/4 definitions]
hog (informal) a greedy, gluttonous, or filthy person. [1/4 definitions]
insatiable incapable of being satisfied or fulfilled; extremely greedy.
lupine2 fierce; greedy. [1/2 definitions]
miser a greedy, ungenerous person, esp. one who lives in poor circumstances in order to hoard money.
overreach to grasp in a greedy way as by cheating or other manipulation. [1/6 definitions]
pig (informal) someone who is thought to be exceptionally sloppy, greedy, or boorish. [1/3 definitions]
piggish greedy, sloppy, dirty, or boorish.
rapacious extremely greedy or ravenous; voracious. [1/2 definitions]
sordid selfishly greedy; mercenary or miserly. [1/3 definitions]
swill a deep, rapid, greedy swallow, esp. of liquor. [1/8 definitions]
vulture a greedy person who takes advantage of others. [1/2 definitions]
wolf a predatory or greedy person. [1/6 definitions]