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abrasive a material or substance used to grind or polish surfaces. [1/3 definitions]
champ1 to bite down on impatiently; grind against with the teeth. [1/4 definitions]
chew to tear or grind between the teeth; masticate. [2/6 definitions]
emery wheel a wheel that is made of or has been coated with emery, used in a machine to cut, grind, or polish.
file2 to shape, smooth, or grind down with a file or similar device. [1/2 definitions]
flour to grind into flour. [1/4 definitions]
food processor an electric kitchen appliance having a container with various blade attachments used to grind, grate, chop, slice, or otherwise prepare food.
gnash to grind (the teeth) together. [2/3 definitions]
grindstone a stone wheel that is rotated to sharpen implements or weapons, grind grain, or sand and shape items by abrasion.
grit to clamp and grind (the teeth) together. [1/7 definitions]
ground2 past tense and past participle of grind. [1/3 definitions]
kibble to grind or crush into coarse pieces. [1/2 definitions]
masticate to grind (food) with the teeth; chew. [2 definitions]
mill1 to grind, crush, or pulverize in a mill. [1/9 definitions]
millstone either of a pair of circular stones that grind something, esp. grain, in a mill. [1/2 definitions]
mortar1 a machine used to pulverize or grind substances. [1/4 definitions]
pestle to pound or grind with, or as if with, a pestle. [1/3 definitions]
powder to pulverize or grind into a powder. [1/7 definitions]
regrind combined form of grind.
triturate to grind, rub, or otherwise reduce to fine particles or powder; pulverize. [1/2 definitions]