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baroque ornately or extravagantly ornamented, esp. verging on grotesque; flamboyant. [1/5 definitions]
burlesque any purposely ridiculous or grotesque treatment of a subject. [1/5 definitions]
Caliban a grotesque, brutish, half-human creature in The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
caricature a depiction, in a drawing or verbal description, that deliberately exaggerates or distorts some features of the person or thing represented to produce a comic or grotesque appearance. [1/4 definitions]
false face a mask, usu. comical or grotesque, that covers the entire face.
fantasy fiction containing highly imaginative, grotesque, or supernatural elements. [1/5 definitions]
gargoyle a macabre or grotesque sculpture of an animal or person, often carved as an architectural ornament. [1/2 definitions]
geek a performer in a carnival or the like who does grotesque acts, such as biting the heads off live chickens or snakes. [2 definitions]
grotesque one that is grotesque. [2/4 definitions]
mask a representation of a face, often stylized or grotesque, that may be worn to represent an emotion, quality, or type of person, or used as decoration. [1/11 definitions]
Punch-and-Judy show a puppet show consisting of slapstick humor in which the grotesque and quarrelsome Punch constantly fights with his wife Judy.
transmogrify to change, transform, or mutate, esp. in a grotesque or strange way.
travesty an exaggerated or grotesque imitation or parody, as of a literary work or serious subject, made to ridicule the original. [2/3 definitions]