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barred marked by dark crosswise stripes, as the feathers of a grouse or other bird. [1/3 definitions]
blackcock the male black grouse.
capercaillie a large grouse with a fanlike tail, native to the forests of northern Europe.
gallinaceous belonging to a variety of birds that nest on the ground, including turkeys, chickens, pheasants, and grouse.
partridge any of various stout-bodied game birds, including the grouse and bobwhite, usu. having brownish or grayish plumage.
prairie chicken either of two henlike grouse of the North American prairies that have reddish, brownish, black, and white feathers; prairie hen; prairie fowl.
ptarmigan any of a variety of grouse that are found in cold, northern regions, and whose brown plumage is replaced by white in the winter.
sage grouse a large grouse of the western plains of North America.