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accrue to grow or accumulate over time, esp. as something of benefit.
advance to make progress or grow. [1/13 definitions]
age to cause or allow to grow old. [1/11 definitions]
alder any of several deciduous trees and shrubs of the birch family that grow in cool, damp regions.
alligator flag any of a family of large, broad-leafed, tropical, aquatic plants that usually grow up to six feet tall and have heavy blooms of delicate blue and purple flowers.
anaconda any of several large nonvenomous constrictor snakes, esp. a certain South American tree snake that can grow to over twenty feet in length.
ankylose to grow together, join, or stiffen by ankylosis, as the bones of a joint.
axillar (usu. pl.) any of the feathers that grow under a bird's wing. [1/2 definitions]
axillary (usu. pl.) any of the feathers that grow under a bird's wing; axillar. [1/3 definitions]
babirusa a wild pig of the East Indies, the male of which has tusks that grow up through the snout and curve backward toward the eyes.
baby's-breath a plant of the pink family that has small delicate white or pink flowers that grow in branching clusters.
bamboo any of several tropical grasses that have hard, woody, hollow stems and grow to the height of a tree. [1/2 definitions]
batten1 to grow fat; thrive. [2/3 definitions]
beach grass any of several tough, deeply rooted perennial grasses that grow wild on beaches and are sometimes planted there to combat erosion.
become to grow or come to be as indicated. [1/3 definitions]
blossom to grow and flourish. [1/4 definitions]
boom1 to grow rapidly or flourish, esp. economically. [1/7 definitions]
Brussels sprouts the small green edible heads that grow on the stem of a plant that is a type of cabbage. [1/2 definitions]
bud1 to grow. [1/7 definitions]
build to grow in size, amount, or intensity. [1/7 definitions]
build up to grow in size, amount, or intensity. [1/3 definitions]