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ax (slang) a musical instrument, such as a guitar. [1/4 definitions]
bassist a player of a bass instrument such as the bass viol or bass guitar. [1/2 definitions]
bottleneck a style of guitar playing in which the neck of a bottle or a metal tube is slid up and down the strings. [1/4 definitions]
capo1 a device that is fastened around the fingerboard of a guitar or similar instrument to uniformly change the key of the strings.
cittern a sixteenth-century instrument of the guitar family, having a flat-backed, pear-shaped body and wire strings.
comp1 to play an accompaniment to jazz music, as on a piano or guitar, often of syncopated chords.
country music popular music that comes from the folk music of the southern or southwestern United States. It generally employs a variety of stringed instruments such as guitar and fiddle.
Dobro trademark for a type of acoustic steel guitar that is held on the lap and fretted with a metal bar or tube. [2 definitions]
electric guitar a guitar that is equipped with a pickup that transmits tones to an amplifier.
fingerboard the portion of a violin, guitar, or other stringed instrument against which the player presses the strings.
fret3 one of the ridges set across the fingerboard of a stringed instrument, such as a guitar or lute, that is played by hand. [1/2 definitions]
guitar a similar instrument that is electronically amplified; electric guitar. [1/2 definitions]
guitarfish any of several sharklike ocean fish that are related to skates and rays and are shaped like a guitar.
gut strips of intestinal tissue used for various purposes such as the strings of a guitar or violin, or for sutures. [1/11 definitions]
hard rock a style of rock music characterized by heavy amplification and harsh or distorted electric guitar.
pedal steel an electrified steel guitar mounted on legs and equipped with pedals that provide added modulations of pitch.
rhythm section the instruments in a band or orchestra that provide the rhythmic beat, such as drums or a bass guitar.
shamisen a Japanese musical instrument similar to the guitar or banjo but with a longer neck and only three strings, which are plucked with a plectrum.
soundbox the hollow main body of a stringed instrument such as a guitar or violin.
steel guitar a type of electric guitar with raised metal strings that is played by plucking while pressing a steel bar against the strings.
string band a musical group consisting of violin, guitar, string bass, and the like, usu. performing folk or country music.