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air gun a gun that is operated by compressed air and usu. fires small pellets. [1/2 definitions]
antigun combined form of gun.
barrel any of various cylindrical parts, such as the shaft of a gun. [1/6 definitions]
BB gun an air gun that shoots BB shot.
bead the sight on the front or muzzle end of a gun. [1/8 definitions]
blank a gun cartridge without a bullet. [1/12 definitions]
blunderbuss an early shoulder-gun having a short barrel, flared at the muzzle to scattershot at close range. [1/2 definitions]
bolt1 a sliding metal rod that pushes cartridges into the firing mechanism of a gun as it closes the breech. [1/14 definitions]
breech the back part of a gun barrel, esp. the location of the loading mechanism and chamber. [1/3 definitions]
breechloader a gun that is loaded at the rear of the barrel. (Cf. muzzleloader.)
Bren gun a .303 caliber gas-operated submachine gun used by the British army in World War II.
caliber the inner diameter of a gun barrel or other tube. [1/3 definitions]
calibrate to determine the correct range of (a gun). [1/2 definitions]
cannon a large mounted gun for firing heavy shells. [2/4 definitions]
chamber the compartment of a gun or other firearm that holds the cartridge or shell. [1/6 definitions]
chassis in a gun, the groove along which the carriage moves back and forth. [1/4 definitions]
chokebore a gun with such a barrel. [1/2 definitions]
clip2 a device holding several bullets that is inserted into a gun; cartridge clip. [1/5 definitions]
cock1 to set the firing mechanism of (a gun) so that it is ready to fire. [1/8 definitions]
emplacement a space or platform on which to position a gun or a battery of guns. [1/2 definitions]
fieldpiece a piece of artillery for use on the battlefield; field gun.