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check a sudden or abrupt halt. [2/19 definitions]
fail-safe a point at which a military operation, esp. a bomber attack or counterattack, must halt pending further instruction. [1/5 definitions]
inactivate to render inactive or unable to function or spread; halt the activity or operation of.
layover a temporary halt or break in a journey; stopover.
rest1 to bring to a stop or halt. [1/20 definitions]
reverse of a process, to halt (something) and then change (it) so that it becomes the opposite. [1/15 definitions]
riot gun a small firearm, esp. a repeating shotgun with a short barrel, used to disperse or halt a crowd rather than to injure or kill.
stand to halt; stop. [1/25 definitions]
standstill a complete stop; halt.
stay1 to cause to stop or wait; halt. [2/12 definitions]
stick2 a halt; standstill. [1/19 definitions]
stop to halt or cause to halt. [1/18 definitions]
suspensive serving to cause a temporary halt to something.