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blacksmith a person who forges and shapes iron, using a hammer and anvil. [1/2 definitions]
claw hammer a hammer with the back side of the head curved and split in two to resemble a pair of claws, used to pry out nails.
clinch to hammer down sideways (the protruding point of a nail) to make more secure. [1/8 definitions]
cock1 the firing mechanism itself; hammer. [2/8 definitions]
denominative a denominative word, such as the verb "to hammer". [1/3 definitions]
drop-forge to shape (heated metal) with a drop hammer.
drop press see drop hammer.
foliate to hammer or cut into thin sheets; make foil of (metal). [1/9 definitions]
fuller2 a partly rounded tool that blacksmiths use to hammer grooves into iron. [1/2 definitions]
gavel a small hammer, usu. wooden, used by a judge or someone presiding over a meeting or auction to get attention, call for order, or signal a sale.
gong a shallow, saucer-shaped bell sounded by a mechanically or electrically operated hammer. [1/2 definitions]
half cock the partly raised position of the hammer of a firearm, at which point the trigger locks and cannot be pulled.
half-cocked of a firearm, with the hammer raised halfway and locked to prevent firing. [1/2 definitions]
hammer to hit or strike with, or as though with, a hammer; pound or pummel. [6/14 definitions]
hammer and sickle a representation of these implements, crossed, used as a symbol of the Communist party, the hammer representing workers and the sickle representing peasants.
hammerhead the head of a hammer. [1/2 definitions]
hammerless combined form of hammer.
mallet a hammer, usu. wooden, with a short handle and a large cylindrical head, mainly used to drive a chisel or wedge, or to flatten something without damaging its surface. [2/3 definitions]
maul a heavy hammer, sometimes with a wooden head, used to drive stakes, piles, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
peen a ball-shaped or wedge-shaped end opposite the flat striking surface on the head of a hammer. [1/2 definitions]
poleax a long-handled weapon combining ax, hammer, and spearpoint, used in battle in the Middle Ages. [2/3 definitions]