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Boston Tea Party a protest by colonial Americans against the British tax on imported tea in which colonists disguised as Indians boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped several hundred chests of tea overboard on the night of December 16, 1773.
breakwater a barrier that disrupts waves before they reach a harbor or shore.
cherish to hold in one's mind fondly or inveterately; harbor. [1/3 definitions]
harborless combined form of harbor.
harbor master an official who supervises harbor operations and enforces regulations governing harbor use.
haven a ship's anchorage; harbor or port. [1/3 definitions]
house to harbor or give shelter to. [1/12 definitions]
jetty1 an assemblage of rocks, timbers, or the like that extends into a body of water to protect the shore or a harbor from strong waves or currents. [1/2 definitions]
marina a harbor that has docks, services, and supplies for yachts and other pleasure boats.
mole4 the harbor or anchorage that such a structure surrounds or protects. [1/2 definitions]
pilot one who guides a ship into or out of a harbor, or through otherwise difficult waters. [1/6 definitions]
port1 a place where ships can anchor and take shelter; harbor. [1/4 definitions]
roadstead an area of water close to shore, but less protected than a harbor, in which ships can anchor.
sand to become filled with sand, as a harbor. [1/7 definitions]
Seabee a member of the Civil Engineer Corps of the U.S. Navy that constructs harbor facilities, airfields, and the like (acronym for "Construction Battalion").
sea dog any of a variety of seals, esp. a harbor seal. [1/2 definitions]
seaport a city, town, or harbor at which seagoing vessels dock, load, and unload.
Statue of Liberty a huge copper statue of a woman representing liberty, given to the United States by France and situated on an island in the New York City harbor.
wharfage wharves collectively, as in a particular harbor. [1/2 definitions]