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accident an undesirable or harmful event. [1/3 definitions]
adverse producing harmful effects. [1/3 definitions]
affect1 to have a harmful impact on. [1/4 definitions]
antiseptic cleansed of harmful microorganisms. [2/4 definitions]
antisocial opposed or harmful to the values, institutions, or laws of an organized society. [1/3 definitions]
bad harmful; injurious. [1/9 definitions]
baneful causing or leading to death, destruction, or ruin; harmful or deadly.
calumniate to make harmful and false statements about (someone).
calumnious of or containing harmful untruths; slanderous; defamatory.
calumny a harmful statement, known by the maker to be false. [1/2 definitions]
compunction regret for doing something wrong or harmful; contrition. [1/2 definitions]
consumerism a movement that attempts to protect consumers from defective or harmful goods and services and from unfair business practices such as deceptive advertising. [1/2 definitions]
contagion a harmful and spreading influence. [1/4 definitions]
contaminate to make impure or unusable by contact or by adding a harmful substance.
crib-biting the habit of horses to bite at wood, as of a stall or feed trough, and swallow harmful amounts of air while doing so.
deleterious harmful or injurious, as to health.
disagree to have a harmful effect (usu. fol. by "with"). [1/3 definitions]
disfavor a harmful or unkind act. [1/4 definitions]
drug abuse the use of illegal drugs, especially in a habitual or harmful way, or the use of any drug in doses or for purposes outside their intended medical use.
enemy something likely to be harmful or injurious. [1/5 definitions]
escape avoidance of, or a way in which to avoid, an unpleasant or harmful event or situation. [2/10 definitions]