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ailing in poor or weakened health or condition; sickly or sick.
animal spirits the quality of one who is in high spirits and good health; vitality.
bad in pain or poor health. [1/9 definitions]
be oneself to be in one's usual state of health or mind. [1/2 definitions]
better improved in health; healed. [1/14 definitions]
biohazard a biological substance or condition that endangers human life or health.
blood pressure the pressure of the blood against the inner wall of blood vessels, esp. the arteries or the heart, as exerted by the contractions of the heart muscles, often measured as an indicator of physical health.
board of health a department of municipal, county, or state government that supervises public health and sanitation.
chemist (chiefly British) a shop where medicines are sold by prescription, as well as other articles for health, beauty, and personal cleansing; drugstore. [1/3 definitions]
chi2 vital energy that, according to Taoist and other Chinese philosophies, is inherent in all things and whose free and balanced flow around the body is the basis of good health.
chipper1 (informal) in good health or spirits; cheerful.
chiropractic a system of healing in which manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures is used to restore normal nerve function and thus good health.
condition state of health, fitness, or functioning. [1/9 definitions]
constitutional a walk taken for one's health. [1/4 definitions]
convalesce to regain health or strength after an illness or injury.
counseling help or guidance from a mental health professional or member of the clergy that is aimed at solving emotional problems or at resolving or preventing conflicts between people in a close relationship.
cure a substance or course of treatment that leads to the restoration of health after a disease, disability, or other undesirable condition. [2/7 definitions]
decay to lose health, strength, excellence, or the like. [2/8 definitions]
deleterious harmful or injurious, as to health.
delicacy weak constitution; frail health. [1/8 definitions]
devitalize to take away the strength, health, or liveliness of; weaken.