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aerie a house or fortified structure located on a height. [1/2 definitions]
afire burning, as a house. [1/2 definitions]
A-frame an upright supporting frame in the shape of an "A," or a house constructed with one or more such frames as its main structural supports.
animism the belief that spiritual beings or souls can exist without a body to house them. [1/3 definitions]
apartment building a building containing a number of individual apartments; apartment house.
appraisal an estimate, esp. by an official or expert, of the value of property, such as a house, land, work of art, or jewelry for the purpose of taxation, sale, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
attic the space in a house directly underneath the roof.
aviary a large structure designed to house birds; birdhouse.
bach it to take care of the house oneself.
backbencher a junior legislator, esp. in Great Britain's House of Commons, who is not one of his or her party's leaders.
backlist a publisher's list of all in-house books that have been kept in print for a relatively long period of time. [1/2 definitions]
backyard an open area behind a house that is part of the homeowner's property.
barn a large farm building designed to house livestock or store equipment or produce.
barrack to house in barracks. [1/3 definitions]
bawdyhouse a house of prostitution; brothel.
birdhouse a man-made nesting structure for birds, usu. built to look like a house. [1/2 definitions]
blockhouse a house made of square-cut logs. [1/3 definitions]
bordello a house of prostitution; brothel.
boule1 (often cap.) the lower legislative house in modern Greece. [1/2 definitions]
brothel a house where people work as prostitutes.
brownstone a house built of or faced with this stone, esp. an urban rowhouse. [1/2 definitions]