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bird to hunt or catch birds. [1/5 definitions]
bird dog a dog or breed of dogs used to hunt or retrieve game birds.
cat about (slang) to hunt about for sex partners.
chase1 to pursue (game) in order to kill; hunt. [1/9 definitions]
closed season any period during which it is illegal to fish for, capture, or hunt certain animal or fish species.
crab1 to hunt and catch crabs. [1/8 definitions]
falcon any of several birds of prey, related to hawks, that hunt during the day and have long powerful wings and a hooked beak.
ferret to hunt (usu. burrowing animals) using ferrets. [1/5 definitions]
fowl to trap or hunt wild game birds. [1/4 definitions]
foxhound any one of several breeds of medium-sized short-haired hounds often trained to hunt foxes.
fox hunt to participate in a fox hunt. [1/2 definitions]
hallo used to urge hunting dogs forward in a hunt. [1/6 definitions]
hawk1 to hunt in the manner of a hawk. [1/5 definitions]
huntsman a man who oversees the hounds during a hunt. [1/2 definitions]
jacklight to hunt or fish using a jacklight. [1/2 definitions]
kill animals that have been killed in a hunt. [1/10 definitions]
marten any of several carnivorous weasel-like mammals of northern forests that hunt mostly in trees and have dark glossy fur. [1/2 definitions]
mouse to stalk and catch mice, or to hunt about as if for mice. [1/5 definitions]
mushroom to hunt for wild mushrooms. [1/7 definitions]
outhunt combined form of hunt.
overhunt combined form of hunt.