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Abominable Snowman a large manlike animal covered with hair, said to live in the Himalayas; yeti.
actinomycin any of several antibiotics derived from soil bacteria that work against certain other bacteria and fungi.
AL abbreviation of "Alabama," a southeastern U.S. state located between Georgia and Mississippi.
Alabama a southeastern U.S. state located between Georgia and Mississippi. (abbr.: AL)
alkaline of, containing, or similar to an alkali. [1/2 definitions]
allied (cap.) of the Allies in World War I or II. [1/3 definitions]
anti-Nazi combined form of Nazi.
apteryx see kiwi.
articulated lorry (chiefly British) a very large truck, consisting of a cab and freight-hauling trailer, that carries goods over long distances; tractor-trailer; semi.
aureus an ancient Roman gold coin that was a monetary unit from the reign of Julius Caesar to that of Constantine I.
Austronesian a family of languages spoken over a vast area from the Indian Ocean to New Zealand and Hawaii. [1/3 definitions]
autogamy in biology, self-fertilization by the reuniting of two nuclei that originated in the splitting of a single nucleus, as in certain protozoa, algae, and fungi. [1/2 definitions]
Azeri See Azerbaijani.
baby boom the dramatic population increase in the United States during the decade following World War II.
bacillary of, like, or characterized by bacilli. [1/2 definitions]
Bahaism Bahai.
Bairiki the capital of Kiribati.
Bamako the capital of Mali.
Bandar Seri Begawan the seaport capital of Brunei.
blitz (cap.; prec. by "the") the bombing attacks on Britain carried out by the German air force in 1940 and 1941 during World War II. [1/4 definitions]
Bonaparte see Napoleon I.