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blatherskite idle, foolish talk; blather. [1/2 definitions]
dally to waste time; be idle. [1/4 definitions]
dawdle to waste time; be slow and idle. [1/3 definitions]
do-nothing lacking initiative, enterprise, or willingness to work; lazy or idle. [1/2 definitions]
fart around (slang) to waste time; be idle.
gab (informal) idle conversation; chatter. [1/2 definitions]
gas (slang) idle talk. [1/14 definitions]
hangout a place where a person or group spends a good deal of time, esp. during idle or leisure hours.
hibernation in computing, a mode of partial deactivation for an idle computer that saves power and allows a quick restart by storing the contents of RAM in a stable location before turning the machine off. [1/3 definitions]
idle to cause to be or become idle. [1/10 definitions]
idler one who is lazy or idle. [1/2 definitions]
kibitzer one who engages in idle or distracting chatter, esp. while others are trying to concentrate or discuss serious topics. [1/2 definitions]
languor a dreamy, idle mood or state. [1/2 definitions]
loaf2 to spend time in a lazy, aimless manner; idle. [1/2 definitions]
loafer a person who is lazy or idle. [1/2 definitions]
make-work work given to those who would otherwise be idle, which has no real use or value in itself.
otiose idle or lazy. [1/2 definitions]
palaver idle conversation or discussion, esp. at length. [1/4 definitions]
prate to utter in an idle or chattering manner. [2/3 definitions]
skylark to play or move about in a carefree, idle, or happy manner; frolic. [1/2 definitions]
sleep mode a power-saving mode of operation to which a computer or other machine reverts when idle, in which power to the display and to other nonessential parts of operation is deactivated.