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Baal a false god or idol, esp. according to the Hebrews. [1/2 definitions]
god a physical image or representation of a supernatural being; idol. [1/6 definitions]
goddess a physical image of a female god; idol. [1/3 definitions]
graven image an idol or fetish, esp. one carved from wood or stone.
idolater a person who worships another as an idol. [1/2 definitions]
idolatrize to worship idols, or to worship someone as an idol.
idolatrous worshiping another as an idol; idolizing. [1/3 definitions]
idolize to worship as a god or idol. [2/3 definitions]
joss the image of a Chinese god; Chinese idol.
mammon (cap.) in the New Testament, material wealth personified as a false idol. [1/2 definitions]
Sikh a member of a Hindu religious sect formed about 1500 in India, whose adherents have faith in one god and reject idol worship and the caste system.