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dash light a light used to illuminate the instrument panel of a motor vehicle, esp. at night.
flashbulb an electric bulb that gives a brief flash of very bright light when ignited, used to illuminate a subject while a photograph is taken.
floodlight to illuminate (something) using one or more floodlights. [1/3 definitions]
illumine to illuminate.
irradiate to illuminate with or as if with light rays; cast light on. [1/3 definitions]
light1 to make brighter; provide with light; illuminate. [1/13 definitions]
photoflash a glass bulb attached to a camera that flashes brilliantly for a moment when triggered electrically, to illuminate the subject being photographed; flash bulb.
spotlight a strong light used to illuminate one person or a small area, usu. on stage. [2/5 definitions]
streetlight a light that is mounted on a tall pole and used to illuminate a road or highway.