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cite to quote or refer to as proof or illustration. [1/5 definitions]
commentary something that serves as an example or illustration. [1/3 definitions]
demonstration a practical illustration of how something works or how it is made. [1/5 definitions]
example a mathematical problem used for illustration. [1/4 definitions]
exemplum anything that serves as an illustration. [1/2 definitions]
exploded view a photograph, drawing, illustration, or diagram that displays the individual parts of a mechanism separately but indicates their proper relationship.
fashion plate an illustration or picture depicting current trends and styles in dress. [1/2 definitions]
frontispiece an illustration facing or preceding the title page of a book.
graphic a picture, diagram, or other image used as an illustration. [1/7 definitions]
graphics (used with a pl. verb) artistic reproductions of diagrams, maps, charts, or the like, often used for illustration. [1/3 definitions]
ill. abbreviation of "illustrated" or "illustration."
illustrative serving as an illustration or example.
legend an explanatory table of the symbols used on a map, chart, or other illustration. [1/4 definitions]
object lesson a concrete, practical demonstration or illustration of a moral precept or ethical principle.
plate an illustration or engraving in a book, often full-page and in color. [1/8 definitions]
runaround printed matter set in narrower columns than the rest of the text, as alongside an illustration. [1/2 definitions]
suppose to assume (something) as true for the sake of argument or illustration. [1/4 definitions]
transfer to copy (a design, illustration, or the like) from one surface to another by pressing the surfaces together. [2/10 definitions]
vignette a decorative design or illustration at the beginning or end of a chapter or book, or on the border of a page. [1/5 definitions]