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achromatic able to give an image in which colors are reproduced with little or no distortion. [1/3 definitions]
actinic rays electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays or ultraviolet light, that can produce an image on a photographic emulsion.
apparition a ghostly image; phantom; specter. [1/2 definitions]
astigmatism an irregularity in the curvature of a lens, including that of the eye, that prevents rays of light from meeting in a single focal point, resulting in an indistinct or distorted image. [1/2 definitions]
bambino an image of Jesus Christ as a child. [1/2 definitions]
cameo a method of carving a gemstone so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another. [2/3 definitions]
camera in television, the device that receives the image and changes it into electrical impulses for transmission. [1/2 definitions]
CAT scan a cross-sectional image formed by a computerized combination of x-rays taken along a selected axis of the body, used as a diagnostic tool in medical treatment; computerized axial tomography scan.
chimera a fantastic, often horrible, idea or image produced by the mind. [1/3 definitions]
coma2 in optics, a diffuse image of a point source in the shape of a comet. [1/3 definitions]
composite a visual image, esp. a photograph, composed of several individual pictures. [1/5 definitions]
conceive to form a concept, idea, or image in one's mind (usu. fol. by "of"). [1/6 definitions]
concrete poetry a form of poetry in which the arrangement of words and phrases on the printed page is intended to convey a visual as well as poetic image.
counterimage combined form of image.
crown a coin, such as the koruna of former Czechoslovakia, whose name means "crown," or one that has the image of a crown or a head with a crown. [1/21 definitions]
crusado a silver or gold coin formerly minted in Portugal featuring the image of a cross.
develop in photography, to treat (exposed film) chemically so as to create a visible image. [1/10 definitions]
dove1 a pure white bird of this type, or image of such, representing peace or innocence. [1/4 definitions]
eagle an image or representation of an eagle, used as a symbol, insignia, or emblem. [1/3 definitions]
electron microscope any of various microscopes that use electrons rather than rays of light to magnify the image of the object being viewed.
engraving an image printed by using an engraved surface. [1/3 definitions]