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actual truly existing or happening, not just potentially or in the imagination. [1/3 definitions]
arid lacking imagination or feeling; uninteresting. [1/2 definitions]
artistic showing skill and imagination in creating. [1/3 definitions]
create to bring something into being, esp. works of the imagination. [1/3 definitions]
creative characterized by originality or imagination. [1/2 definitions]
dreamland any wonderful place or situation existing only in dreams or the imagination. [1/2 definitions]
dream up (informal) to conceive in the imagination.
dream world a world that exists only in the imagination, not in reality.
dryness lack of imagination or emotional expression. [1/3 definitions]
earthbound limited in imagination or scope of thought. [1/3 definitions]
fanciful exhibiting use of the imagination; whimsical or imaginative. [2/3 definitions]
fancy imagination or tendency, sometimes of an extreme or unpredictable nature. [2/14 definitions]
fantastic irrational or based on imagination. [1/5 definitions]
fantasy imagination or something imagined, esp. if fanciful, exaggerated, or bizarre. [2/5 definitions]
fine art something involving great skill or imagination. [1/3 definitions]
hack2 for hire, without integrity or imagination. [1/12 definitions]
imaginary existing only in the imagination.
imaginative having or showing an active or creative imagination. [2/3 definitions]
mind's eye the imagination or memory.
nonentity something that does not exist, or exists only in the imagination. [1/3 definitions]
otherworldly of, relating to, or like another world, such as that of the spirit or the imagination. [1/2 definitions]