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conceive to be able to think of or imagine. [1/6 definitions]
dream to imagine something with a desire for its becoming reality (usu. fol. by "of"). [2/13 definitions]
envisage to imagine; foresee.
envision to picture or visualize in the mind; imagine.
fancy to imagine or picture. [1/14 definitions]
fantasize to dream up or create a fantasy about; imagine. [1/2 definitions]
fantasy to imagine, fantasize, or dream. [1/5 definitions]
ideate to form a thought or idea of; imagine. [1/2 definitions]
imaginable possible to imagine; conceivable.
invention the ability or capacity to invent, devise, originate, or imagine; inventiveness. [1/5 definitions]
make believe to pretend or imagine.
picture to create a mental image of; imagine. [1/8 definitions]
prefigure to have an image of beforehand; imagine. [1/2 definitions]
pretend esp. in play, to imagine (something) to be so, or to act as if (something) were so. [1/6 definitions]
think to form, as an idea; imagine. [1/13 definitions]