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about in the immediate area of. [2/11 definitions]
absent-minded not paying attention to the immediate task or event because one's mind is preoccupied with other matters.
academic lacking immediate practical value; theoretical. [1/4 definitions]
arbitrage the purchase of a security or commodity in one financial market and its immediate resale in a different market, used as a way to profit from the difference in market prices. [1/3 definitions]
away at this immediate time. [1/7 definitions]
busy unavailable for immediate use. [1/5 definitions]
cloture in U.S. parliamentary procedure, a method of ending debate and causing an immediate vote on the matter being discussed. [1/2 definitions]
crying demanding immediate attention or correction. [1/2 definitions]
debit card a card issued by the holder's bank used to pay for purchases or withdraw money by an immediate electronic debiting of funds on deposit in the holder's bank account, and often also allowing transactions at an ATM machine.
depressed lower than the immediate surroundings. [1/3 definitions]
depression something that is lower than its immediate surroundings. [1/6 definitions]
emergency a serious situation or sudden crisis, usu. unforeseen, that requires immediate action.
exigency a situation demanding urgent or immediate attention; emergency. [1/3 definitions]
exigent requiring immediate attention; urgent or critical. [1/2 definitions]
fright sudden or intense fear caused by immediate or unexpected danger. [1/2 definitions]
immediacy the condition or quality of being immediate; directness.
instant happening without delay; immediate. [2/7 definitions]
medevac the evacuation by helicopter, or other aircraft, of persons needing immediate medical attention. [2/4 definitions]
mobilization the act of assembling, organizing, or adapting (industries, supplies, facilities, or the like) for immediate use or service in times of war or states of emergency. [1/3 definitions]
mobilize to assemble, organize, or adapt (industries, supplies, facilities, or the like) for immediate use or service in times of war or states of emergency. [1/4 definitions]
now in the recent or immediate past or future (usu. prec. by just or only). [1/10 definitions]