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fixity the state or nature of that which is stable or immovable. [2 definitions]
hardtop an automobile with a hard, immovable top, esp. when made to look like a convertible.
impenetrable impossible to influence; immovable. [1/3 definitions]
isometric (pl.) exercises in which one muscle or part of the body is forcefully exerted against another or against an immovable object or surface, to improve muscle tone without affecting the length of muscle fibers; isometric exercises. [1/4 definitions]
lock1 to become immovable, as the gears in a machine. [1/10 definitions]
logjam an immovable mass or tangle of floating logs on a river or stream. [1/2 definitions]
stick2 to make immovable. [2/19 definitions]
suture in anatomy, the connecting line in an immovable joint, esp. between the bones of the skull, or the joint itself. [1/5 definitions]