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contact lens a thin, usu. plastic lens, clear or tinted, that is worn over the cornea of the eye to correct imperfect vision or change the color of the eyes.
imperfect the imperfect tense, or a verb or verb form in this tense or with a similar meaning; progressive. [1/5 definitions]
imperfection the state or fact of being imperfect. [1/2 definitions]
progressive in grammar, denoting a verb tense or aspect that indicates that an action or state continues or is repeated, as in "They are moving" or "I have been waiting"; imperfect. (Cf. perfect.) [1/8 definitions]
ragged rough; imperfect; sloppy. [1/5 definitions]
rudiment (often pl.) something in an initial, imperfect, or undeveloped form. [1/3 definitions]
seed pearl a very small, often imperfect pearl, weighing less than one quarter of a gram.
sketchy incomplete, imperfect, or slight. [1/3 definitions]
slant rhyme rhyme in which the sounds do not correspond exactly, such as "eyes" and "light", or "feet" and "ate"; imperfect rhyme.