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advance progress or improvement. [1/13 definitions]
amendment improvement. [1/3 definitions]
asceticism self-discipline and self-denial as a means of spiritual improvement. [1/2 definitions]
beneficent resulting in an improvement or advantage; beneficial. [1/2 definitions]
betterment the act or result of making something better; improvement. [2 definitions]
breeding in genetics, the development or improvement of strains or breeds through the use of controlled fertilization or pollination. [1/3 definitions]
chasten to awaken conscience or bring about moral improvement through suffering, discipline, or punishment. [1/3 definitions]
convenience an improvement in comfort or personal advantage. [1/4 definitions]
correction punishment in the interest of improvement. [1/3 definitions]
culture improvement of the mind or body through special training. [1/8 definitions]
dead-end (informal) providing no opportunity for improvement or advancement. [1/2 definitions]
eugenics (used with a sing. verb) the study of or belief in the genetic improvement of the human race through control of breeding.
fine-tune to make necessary adjustments for the improvement or effectiveness of (a program, policy, action, or the like). [1/2 definitions]
gain an improvement or increase. [1/9 definitions]
help an aid to improvement or success, or an aid in solving a problem. [1/13 definitions]
humanitarian of or pertaining to the ethical doctrine that the improvement and welfare of humankind is one's primary obligation. [1/3 definitions]
lespedeza any of a variety of plants related to the pea, having trifoliolate leaves that are grown for forage, soil improvement, and the like.
melioration improvement; amelioration. [1/2 definitions]
progress forward movement through stages of development; continuous improvement. [1/5 definitions]
refinement an improvement, usu. in the details of something. [1/3 definitions]
reform the improvement of wrong or bad conditions, esp. by political means. [1/5 definitions]