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Bureau of Labor Statistics a research agency of the U.S. Department of Labor that collects and compiles statistical information, providing such measures as Consumer Price Index, inflation rate, and unemployment rate.
card file a shallow, usu. small box or drawer for index cards. [1/2 definitions]
cephalic index the ratio of the greatest width of a human head to its greatest length, multiplied by one hundred; cranial index.
commodity dollar a proposed unit of currency whose value would vary according to an official index of key commodity prices.
concordance an alphabetical index of all the main words in a book or in the entire work of an author, listing the contexts in which each word occurs and giving page references for each occurrence. [1/2 definitions]
CPI abbreviation of "consumer price index."
cross reference a reference from one part of a book, index, or file to another part containing additional or related information.
directory an index of names, locations, and often other data, such as a listing of telephone subscribers' names, addresses, and telephone numbers, or a listing of building occupants and their room numbers. [1/4 definitions]
Dow Jones industrial average trademark for the index of prices of thirty industrial stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange and averaged daily.
fiche a sheet of microfilm, resembling an index card in size, that can contain many pages of printed text in reduced size; microfiche.
first finger the finger next to the thumb; forefinger; index finger.
forefinger the finger next to the thumb; index finger.
forkball in baseball, a fastball that curves as it nears the plate, thrown with the middle and index fingers spread apart.
index to make an index for (a book). [2/10 definitions]
indexation the automatic adjustment of wages, prices, interest rates, or other economic factors to a cost-of-living index.
indicate to signify or serve as a token, index, or sign. [1/3 definitions]
indices a pl. of index.
polarimeter an instrument for measuring the optical activity or refractive index of substances, esp. liquids. [1/2 definitions]
schlieren streaks or regions of a translucent medium, such as a gas or fluid, that differ from the main mass in density and index of refraction. [1/2 definitions]
subindex an index to a subdivision of a main or larger category. [1/2 definitions]
trigger finger the finger used to pull the trigger of a gun, usu. the index finger.