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apathy lack of interest in things that generally arouse interest or concern; indifference. [1/2 definitions]
blink to ignore or see with indifference (usu. fol. by "at"). [1/10 definitions]
casual displaying apparent or real indifference. [1/6 definitions]
cold shoulder a deliberate display of unresponsiveness or indifference, intended as a snub.
cold-shoulder to treat (someone) with indifference.
disregard to treat with indifference, lack of attention, or respect; slight. [1/3 definitions]
distance coldness or indifference; aloofness; unfriendliness. [1/7 definitions]
frost indifference or coldness in behavior or attitude. [1/9 definitions]
ho-hum used to express tiredness, indifference, or boredom.
huh used to express surprise, astonishment, skepticism, contempt, or indifference. [1/3 definitions]
irreligious marked by an absence of, or indifference or hostility toward, religion or religious considerations. [1/2 definitions]
languish to suffer in a state of neglect or indifference. [1/3 definitions]
nonchalance the condition or quality of being nonchalant; cool confidence and unconcern; casual indifference.
phlegm calmness or indifference. [1/3 definitions]
rise above to ignore or feign indifference to.
schizoid pertaining to or having a personality disorder marked by passiveness, withdrawal, and indifference to social relationships. [1/3 definitions]
slight to pointedly ignore or treat with indifference or a lack of courtesy. [1/8 definitions]
torpor a state of indifference or lethargy; apathy. [1/2 definitions]
unconcern lack of concern or interest; indifference. [1/2 definitions]