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conker (chiefly British; informal) a brown, inedible nut encased in a spiky husk produced by a horse chestnut tree. [1/2 definitions]
horse chestnut any of a family of large, full trees bearing large fingerlike leaves, flowerclusters, and smooth, brown, inedible nuts encased in spiny husks. [1/2 definitions]
menhaden an inedible fish related to the herring, found in the western Atlantic Ocean and used for bait and for making oil and fertilizer.
Osage orange the inedible, orangelike fruit of this tree. [1/2 definitions]
toadstool a mushroom, esp. one that is umbrella-shaped, inedible, and, often, poisonous.
Virginia creeper a climbing vine of eastern North America that has palmately compound leaves and bears green flower clusters and bluish black, inedible berries; woodbine.