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bootless ineffectual or useless.
loser (informal) one who is considered to be ineffectual, incompetent, or socially unacceptable. [1/2 definitions]
paper tiger a person, group, or nation that seems strong or powerful enough to pose a threat, but is actually weak or ineffectual; empty threat.
powerless lacking strength, power, or vitality; ineffectual. [1/2 definitions]
stillborn yielding no results or development; ineffectual. [1/2 definitions]
Walter Mitty the main character of James Thurber's modern story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, who is mild and ineffectual, but who imagines himself a hero in various situations. [1/2 definitions]
well-meaning impelled by good or kindly intentions, but often tactless or ineffectual.
wimp (informal) a timid, ineffectual person.
wimp out to be timid or ineffectual in a particular instance.