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bureaucracy a system of administration characterized by excessive routine and inflexible rules. [1/2 definitions]
calcify to make or become inflexible, as an opinion. [1/2 definitions]
flinty hard and inflexible; stern; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]
freeze to make immobile or inflexible; make rigid. [1/16 definitions]
hard rubber rubber made tough and inflexible by treating it with sulfur at a high heat, used for hair combs, insulation, and the like.
inelastic not yielding or stretching; inflexible. [1/2 definitions]
iron unyielding; inflexible; rigid. [1/16 definitions]
ironclad as though covered in iron armor; unbreakable and inflexible. [1/3 definitions]
musclebound having overdeveloped muscles and being stiff and inflexible as a result.
ossify to make (patterns of thought, behavior, or the like) inflexible or rigid. [2/4 definitions]
rigidify to make or become stiff or inflexible.
rigidity the quality of being incapable of change or compromise; inflexible. [1/3 definitions]
rock-ribbed stern and inflexible. [1/2 definitions]
rod a straight, thin, usu. round and inflexible stick, shaft, or bar. [1/7 definitions]
stiff-necked having a rigid or inflexible neck. [1/2 definitions]
stuffed shirt (informal) a smug, pompous, self-satisfied, or inflexible person.
uncompromising not admitting of adjustment or change; inflexible; undeviating. [1/2 definitions]
unrelenting not yielding or giving in; inflexible; inexorable. [1/2 definitions]