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ancestor in law, a person from whom one receives an inheritance. [1/4 definitions]
coheir a person who shares an inheritance with another or others.
death tax see inheritance tax.
descend to be passed along by inheritance, as from one generation to the next. [1/7 definitions]
disinherit to exclude from or deprive of an inheritance. [1/2 definitions]
entail to limit (an inheritance, esp. of land) to certain heirs. [1/5 definitions]
hereditary in law, of or pertaining to inheritance, as of property. [1/3 definitions]
inbred deep-seated as a result of early training, experience, or inheritance. [1/2 definitions]
Neo-Darwinism a theory of evolution that denies the inheritance of acquired characteristics and asserts that natural selection determines evolution.
own one's property, inheritance, destiny, or what is felt to be one's due or potential. [1/5 definitions]
paternity descent or inheritance from a father. [1/4 definitions]
portion the part of a whole that belongs to one, esp. one's inheritance. [1/4 definitions]
primogeniture the legal right of the first-born, esp. the oldest male child, to the entire inheritance of one or both parents. [1/2 definitions]
prodigal son in the New Testament, a young man who wasted his inheritance but returned home repentant and was warmly received by his family.
Salic law the legal code of the Salian Franks, esp. the prohibition against inheritance of land by women. [1/2 definitions]