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abrade to cause roughness or injury by scraping. [1/4 definitions]
abuse to treat in a manner that causes injury or offense. [1/7 definitions]
aeroembolism nitrogen or air bubbles in the bloodstream, caused by severe decompression, surgery, or injury, and resulting in severe pain and sometimes convulsions; bends; decompression sickness; caisson disease.
affront an injury to one's dignity. [1/4 definitions]
amends (used with a sing. or pl. verb) payment or compensation given to repair or satisfy damage, injury, or loss.
amnesia partial or complete loss of memory, esp. as a result of shock or injury to the brain.
bandage a strip of fabric used to protect or bind a wound or other injury. [3 definitions]
battery in law, the illegal act of assaulting another person so as to cause injury. [1/5 definitions]
bite an injury that results from such an act. [1/18 definitions]
blister a thin, bubble-like swelling of the outer skin, resulting from a burn or other injury and containing fluid. [1/5 definitions]
bloodshed the spilling of blood through injury or violence, esp. the destruction of living beings; warfare.
blue having a bluish color of the skin as a result of severe cold or slight injury. [1/8 definitions]
brass knuckles a band of metal with finger holes that is worn over the knuckles in a fist fight in order to cause greater injury than bare knuckles.
bruise an injury in which there is no break or rupture in the skin; black-and-blue mark. [1/4 definitions]
burn an injury caused by heat. [1/14 definitions]
coma1 a prolonged, deep state of unconsciousness resulting from disease, injury, poisoning, or the like.
compensatory providing compensation, as for injury or loss.
concuss to cause injury to by concussion.
concussion an injury esp. of the brain resulting from a heavy blow, fall, or shock. [1/2 definitions]
contusion an injury that does not involve laceration of the skin; bruise.
convalesce to regain health or strength after an illness or injury.