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furor a specific uproar or state of unrest, such as that caused by a scandal or incident of injustice. [1/4 definitions]
grievance an injustice considered a cause for complaint, or the complaint resulting from such an injustice.
grudge a feeling of resentment harbored against someone because of a real or imagined injustice. [1/4 definitions]
inequity lack of fairness; injustice. [2 definitions]
iniquity great injustice or wickedness. [1/2 definitions]
rectify to put right or correct (a bad situation, injustice, or the like); remedy. [1/4 definitions]
wanton characterized by malice and injustice. [1/6 definitions]
wrong unfair, illegal, or injurious treatment or action; injustice. [1/13 definitions]