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Arcadian simple and innocent; pastoral. [1/4 definitions]
frame-up (informal) a fraudulent scheme or arrangement, esp. in which an innocent person is implicated in a crime.
guiltless without guilt; sinless; innocent.
innocence the quality or condition of being innocent. [1/5 definitions]
innocent one who is innocent, esp. a young or unsophisticated person. [1/6 definitions]
kittenish lively and innocent, or seemingly so.
lily-white pure and innocent; beyond reproach; unsullied. [1/4 definitions]
naif one who is inexperienced or naive; innocent.
sinless being without or free from sin; innocent.
unwitting not intentional; innocent; inadvertent. [1/2 definitions]
wolf in sheep's clothing a person who hides his or her malicious or wicked intentions under an innocent outward appearance.
young inexperienced; innocent; immature. [1/7 definitions]