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cascade a series of electrical components arranged so that the output of one serves as the input to the next. [1/5 definitions]
feedback in electronics, the return of part of the output of a device or system to the input, so as to reinforce or modify the input. [2/6 definitions]
format in computers, the arrangement of data for input or output. [1/5 definitions]
hand-held (usu. handheld) a computer that is small enough to be held in the hand and allows input of data with a keyboard or stylus. [1/2 definitions]
input of, concerning, or used for input. [1/6 definitions]
magnetic amplifier a tubeless amplifier that employs two sets of windings, a primary set into which input feeds and a secondary set through which flows an alternating current, whose variations are modified by those in the primary winding.
mechanical advantage the ratio of the output force exerted by a mechanism to the input force applied to it, used to rate the performance of a machine.
operating system in computing, the software that controls and manages all aspects of a computer's operation, including the execution of application programs; the functioning of computer hardware; data input and output; the timing of and allocation of resources to the execution of multiple, simultaneous tasks; the physical storage and location of data; and computer security. Users interact with the operating system though a graphical user interface.
random-access of a computer memory, allowing the retrieval of data directly, without regard to the sequence in which the data was input.
search box in computing, a box in a graphical user interface for typed input into a program that attempts to find matching terms in a file or collection of files.