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Aquadag in electronics, trademark for the graphite coating on the inside of some cathode ray tubes.
bronchoscope a slender tubular instrument with an electric light, used for examining and treating the inside of the bronchi.
cloister in architecture, a covered walkway around the inside of a building, facing an open central courtyard. [1/4 definitions]
endocarditis inflammation of the thin membrane lining the inside of the heart.
infix an affix that is placed inside of a word. [1/5 definitions]
internal of or pertaining to the inside of a body. [1/4 definitions]
internal bleeding bleeding on the inside of the body, often caused by injuries.
into to the inside of. [1/8 definitions]
lining1 a layer of tissue or other material covering the inside of something. [1/2 definitions]
pad1 a small pillow attached on the inside of clothing to modify its shape. [1/11 definitions]
shell game a game like thimblerig in which inverted shells, inside of one of which a small object is apparently hidden, are moved around quickly and onlookers bet on which shell contains the object. [1/2 definitions]
shutter a hinged wooden or metal cover that closes over the outside or inside of a window. [1/4 definitions]
touchdown in rugby, the act or an instance of touching a ball on the ground inside of one's own goal. [1/3 definitions]