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audacious showing no concern for social conventions or law; insolent. [1/2 definitions]
back talk insolent replies or retorts; impudence.
back-talk (informal) to answer in an insolent manner.
brassy1 brazenly bold; impudent; insolent. [1/4 definitions]
cheeky impertinent or insolent; disrespectful; impudent.
guff insolent talk. [1/2 definitions]
impertinence a rude or insolent act or utterance. [1/3 definitions]
insolence the quality or an act of being insolent. [1/2 definitions]
jackanapes an arrogant, insolent young man.
lip (slang) insolent talk. [1/5 definitions]
mouthy impudent or insolent in speaking.
sass to reply to (someone) with insolent backtalk. [1/2 definitions]
saucy impudent or disrespectful; insolent. [1/3 definitions]
swash to have an insolent or boastful manner; swagger. [2/9 definitions]
wiseass (slang; often offensive) insolent; impudent. [1/2 definitions]