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animate to inspire to move or act; prompt; actuate. [1/8 definitions]
appeal to attract or inspire interest. [1/7 definitions]
enamor to inspire love or fondness in.
energize to inspire, make active, or infuse with energy. [1/3 definitions]
entrance2 to inspire a state of delight, trance, or enchantment in; charm; enrapture.
imbue to inspire or permeate, as with an idea or emotion; deeply influence. [1/2 definitions]
infuse to fill or inspire (usu. fol. by with). [1/2 definitions]
kindle1 to arouse, excite, or inspire (a strong feeling or interest). [1/5 definitions]
move to rouse, inspire, or motivate. [1/14 definitions]
prepossess to inspire or impress favorably beforehand. [1/3 definitions]
prompt to cause; inspire. [1/7 definitions]
rally1 to regather and reorganize after a fall into disorder, or to inspire with renewed spirit after a setback. [1/12 definitions]
raving (informal) so remarkable as to inspire great admiration or enthusiasm in others. [1/3 definitions]
reinspire combined form of inspire.
sermon a talk delivered during a religious service to instruct, enlighten, or inspire the congregation. [1/2 definitions]
warm to inspire enthusiasm, zeal, or ardor in. [1/14 definitions]