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frock to install in and provide with the insignia of clerical office. [1/4 definitions]
glaze to install glass in (a window). [1/9 definitions]
glazier a person who is trained to install window glass.
inaugurate to install in office with a formal ceremony. [1/3 definitions]
induct to install in an office or position, esp. through a formal ceremony. [1/3 definitions]
instate to establish in or induct into a position, rank, or office; install.
lay1 to install or arrange so as to be flat. [1/16 definitions]
machicolate to make or install machicolations in (a parapet or a gallery).
motorize to install a motor or motors in. [1/2 definitions]
plumb to install or repair plumbing; do the work of a plumber. [1/10 definitions]
reinstall combined form of install.
sash2 to install sashes or windows in or on. [1/2 definitions]
wire to install an electrical system in. [2/14 definitions]
wiretap to install a wiretap on a telephone line or monitor the line by this means. [1/5 definitions]