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abate to become less in amount, degree, or intensity; subside. [2/3 definitions]
acute of great severity or intensity. [1/7 definitions]
augmentative in grammar, of or pertaining to a word, word element, or phrase that signifies an increase in size, intensity, or the like, such as "super-" in "superheated". [1/3 definitions]
build to grow in size, amount, or intensity. [1/7 definitions]
build up to grow in size, amount, or intensity. [1/3 definitions]
candela the basic unit of intensity of light, equal to one sixtieth of the intensity of one square centimeter of a radiating body at the temperature of solidification of platinum; new candle.
candlepower in optics, intensity of light as measured in candelas.
climax the point of highest interest or intensity in a series of increasingly important points or events. [1/5 definitions]
cool to lessen in intensity. [1/15 definitions]
crescendo a gradual increase in loudness, force, or intensity, esp. of a musical passage, or the peak of such an increase. (Cf. decrescendo.) [3/5 definitions]
decrescendo gradually decreasing in loudness, force, or intensity (usu. used as a musical direction). (Cf. crescendo.) [3/5 definitions]
de-escalate to lessen in intensity, size, or scope.
degrade to reduce in value, amount, or intensity. [1/6 definitions]
depth intensity or concentration. [1/8 definitions]
desensitize to cause to react with less intensity, as to light or other stimuli. [1/2 definitions]
dim to switch (automotive vehicle headlights) from high intensity or position to ordinary intensity. [2/9 definitions]
dull lacking in variety or intensity of color or brightness. [1/10 definitions]
dynamic of or related to variations in the intensity or volume of musical sound. [1/5 definitions]
dynamics (used with a pl. verb) variation in the intensity or volume of musical sound. [1/3 definitions]
effusive expressing emotions at undue length or intensity. [1/2 definitions]
emphasis intensity or vigor of expression. [1/4 definitions]