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check-box such a symbol used on a computer document or interface. [1/2 definitions]
desktop in computing, a graphical interface on personal computers that represents the user's working space as icons on a background that covers the screen, or the folder whose contents are thus represented. [1/4 definitions]
drop-down menu a menu in a computer program interface whose title is visible but whose contents are revealed only when a cursor is clicked on the title, allowing a user to choose an item on the menu.
enter to record or submit, as on a list or computer interface. [1/11 definitions]
interface to bring together at a common boundary or interface. [2/7 definitions]
operating system in computing, the software that controls and manages all aspects of a computer's operation, including the execution of application programs; the functioning of computer hardware; data input and output; the timing of and allocation of resources to the execution of multiple, simultaneous tasks; the physical storage and location of data; and computer security. Users interact with the operating system though a graphical user interface.
search box in computing, a box in a graphical user interface for typed input into a program that attempts to find matching terms in a file or collection of files.