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amen a saying of the interjection amen. [1/3 definitions]
exclamation a word or phrase standing alone, such as "Wow!" or "Oh dear", used to express emotion; interjection. [1/2 definitions]
expletive an interjection, exclamation, or oath, esp. an obscene one. [1/4 definitions]
heaven (pl.) used as an interjection to express surprise or to emphasize a statement. [1/5 definitions]
heck (informal) a less offensive variant of the interjection "hell".
interj. abbreviation of "interjection."
part of speech in grammar, one of the major categories by which words have traditionally been grouped, primarily according to their function, such as adjective, adverb, conjunction, interjection, noun, preposition, pronoun, and verb, in English.