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annuity a form of investment that produces a fixed annual income. [1/2 definitions]
capital1 money or other wealth used to produce further wealth, as by investment. [1/10 definitions]
capitalization the total value of owners' investment in a business. [1/2 definitions]
closed-end investment company an investment company that issues a fixed number of shares in large blocks, at infrequent intervals, which are traded on an exchange.
corpus the principal or capital of a fund, investment, or the like, as distinguished from the income or interest. [1/4 definitions]
dollar diplomacy a U.S. government policy of promoting national interests by encouraging investment abroad, or of using governmental power or influence to protect and promote such private investment. [1/2 definitions]
federal revenue monies obtained by the U.S. federal government through taxation and investment.
interest a percentage that is charged on a loan or paid on an investment. [1/7 definitions]
Laffer Curve a graph illustrating the theory that increasing taxes results in increased government revenue only up to a certain point, after which further tax increases discourage production and investment.
leverage in finance, the degree of ability of a person, company, or group to increase the percentage of return on an investment or investments through borrowing. [2/5 definitions]
mutual fund a fund managed by an investment company that raises money from shareholders and invests it in stocks, bonds, options, and the like.
overinvestment combined form of investment.
Ponzi scheme a dishonest investment scheme in which early investors receive artificially high returns from money paid in by later investors, the high returns being publicized to attract further investors.
profit (often pl.) an amount of money yielded from an investment or business that exceeds the amount originally invested or paid out as expenses. [1/5 definitions]
put to place as a wager or investment. [1/11 definitions]
return to yield (a profit) from investment or expenditure. [2/22 definitions]
revenue income obtained from investment or property. [1/4 definitions]
rollover the movement of funds from one investment to another, esp. the repeated investment of the proceeds of short-term securities upon maturity. [1/3 definitions]
speculation a risky business venture or investment that offers the possibility of high profit. [1/4 definitions]
supply-side of or designating an economic theory that lowering taxes increases productivity by causing an increase in investment.
tax shelter a financial investment or operation that legally defers income, increases expenses, or depreciates allowances for the purpose of reducing taxable income.