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automatism automatic, mechanical, or involuntary action, as in the operation of many bodily organs, in the actions of one not in conscious control, such as a sleepwalker, or in the suspension of conscious control so as to allow subconscious expression, as in art. [1/2 definitions]
autonomic nervous system the part of the nervous system in vertebrates that controls involuntary bodily processes, such as the operation of the heart, stomach, and glands; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems together.
biofeedback a method for self-regulation of presumably involuntary bodily functions, such as heartbeat rate, with the aid of electronic monitors that display visual representations of such functions.
blush to become red in the face as an involuntary expression of shame, confusion, or other self-conscious discomfort. [1/7 definitions]
consensual in physiology, denoting an involuntary response on one side of the body to a stimulus applied to the other side. [1/2 definitions]
convulse to cause to have involuntary spasms or muscle contractions. [1/3 definitions]
convulsion a violent, involuntary, spasmodic contraction of the muscles. [1/3 definitions]
durance involuntary and usu. extended confinement, as in a prison.
emotion a strong feeling or subjective response such as joy, hatred, or love, sometimes accompanied by involuntary physical changes such as increased pulse or by activity such as crying, laughing, or trembling. [1/3 definitions]
enuresis involuntary release of urine, esp. while sleeping; incontinence.
fibrillation involuntary and uncoordinated rapid twitching of muscle fibrils, esp. in the heart muscles. [1/2 definitions]
forced involuntary; imposed. [1/2 definitions]
habit a fixed, repeated, often involuntary behavior; compulsion; addiction. [1/5 definitions]
hiccup a sudden, spasmodic inhalation that is cut off by the involuntary closing of the windpipe. [1/4 definitions]
jump an sudden, involuntary move or jerk; a start. [1/20 definitions]
nystagmus an involuntary twitching or vibrating movement of the eyeball, usu. from side to side.
reflex denoting or pertaining to an involuntary physiological response or reaction to a stimulus. [2/7 definitions]
saccade a rapid, involuntary eye movement, as during reading. [1/2 definitions]
smooth muscle the smooth, involuntary muscle tissue found in the internal organs and blood vessels, excluding the heart.
sneeze to release a sudden, involuntary burst of air through the mouth and nose, often because of a nasal irritation. [1/2 definitions]
start a quick, sudden, or involuntary movement. [1/15 definitions]