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Abidjan the seaport capital of the Ivory Coast.
bone an animal substance that resembles bone, such as ivory. [1/5 definitions]
castanet one of a pair of slightly concave wooden or ivory instruments, held in the hand and clicked together to provide rhythmic accompaniment, esp. to certain Spanish dances.
chip1 one of the small, plastic or ivory tokens used to represent money in poker and other gambling games. [1/10 definitions]
chopstick one of a pair of thin wooden or ivory sticks used as eating utensils, esp. in Asian countries.
chryselephantine made of or overlaid with gold and ivory, as certain decorative objects and statues in ancient Greece.
diptych an ancient writing tablet consisting of two wooden or ivory leaves that are hinged together. [1/2 definitions]
Ghana a West African country on the Atlantic coast between the Ivory Coast and Togo.
Guinea a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa between Senegal and the Ivory Coast.
inlay to set pieces of (wood, metal, ivory, or the like) into a surface to form an ornamental design. [1/5 definitions]
ivory (informal; often pl.) something made of or resembling ivory, such as piano keys, dice, or a set of human teeth. [3/7 definitions]
Liberia a West African country on the Atlantic coast between Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast.
marquetry inlaid work, as of different colored woods or ivory.
miniature a small, often intricate or detailed painting or portrait on a surface such as ivory. [1/6 definitions]
narwhal an arctic aquatic mammal related to the dolphin, that has a spotted pelt and, on the male, a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the upper jaw.
scrimshaw detailed carvings or engravings on bone or ivory, esp. whalebone or whale ivory, or a single such carved object. [2/3 definitions]
teething ring a circular object made of plastic, ivory, or rubber for a teething baby to gnaw.